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PatrickThrough a great longing to become one in spirit with my Tennessee Walker, Dolcinea, I was inspired to create El Compañero Bareback Rider.

As I rode alone in the early morning hours, when the sights and sounds of the wooded trails are peaceful and mystical, and the birds begin to wake, and I felt myself a part of the landscape, the more I felt the need to become one with my companion. This feeling was the origin of the name El Compañero.

To create the physical sense of oneness, I had only to think of the Native American, using just a piece of leather to achieve this sense of union. Beth, my partner, friend, and great source of encouragement, though previously an English rider, now with her own Compañero, has experienced a far greater oneness with her Quarter Horse, Tigger. As a life long rider and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Beth reinforced my belief in the value of El Compañero for riders with special needs. Both Beth and I realize how special a gift this is and are very focused on sharing it with disabled, as well as able-bodied riders.

Find out what El Compañero is all about!

"Be One in Spirit in Flight"

Patrick J. Liquori

El Compañero
3 Greenbriar Lane
Millstone Township, N.J. 08535 

You may call us at 609-240-6728

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