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CONSTRUCTION  of our Bareback Rider Pad

The PATENTED design of El Compañero's bareback pad is handmade from soft-top suede leather varying in shapes and contours making each Bareback Rider Pad unique. A full sized skin is used to drape over your horse's back extending down on both sides reaching the rider's calf. On the reverse or underside of our bareback pad is sewn a suede pocket made easily accessible by use of a Velcro strip allowing for a one inch piece of foam to be inserted for added comfort to horse and rider. Between the top skin and pocket of our bareback pad is sewn a unique belly girth system constructed of strong reinforced stainless steel "D" rings. The western girth system consists of a nylon billet and cinch strap. The English girth has four billets two on the left and two on the right made of Ohiothane (plastic coated nylon webbing very strong and easy to clean).  Additional "D" rings are attached for application of stirrups (stirrups and leathers not included). We recommend English leathers and stirrups.  If not using stirrups a "getup" strap is attached to assist in mounting. At the top rear of the Bareback Rider Pad are two saddle strings secured by leather and chrome plated conches providing the Bareback Pad with a beautiful finished look.

Bareback Rider Pad - Western Cinch

Bareback Rider Pad - Western Billet

Ohiothane English straps

Each Bareback Rider Pad is branded across the top front with our trade name El Compañero. To center your BarebackPad a feather is branded at the front center, this allows you to place the Rider in line with the horse's wither for perfect balance.

Our Bareback pads and saddles are available in the colors English Toast (Brown), Black, and Turquoise. We recommend the use of a Western blanket or pad under the Bareback Rider.

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